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    Default need advice for ca to fl road trip

    I'm trying to plan a trip from oakland, ca to west palm beach, fl and was looking for some advice on the best route (and approximately how long you think it would take--having never done it before).

    One option would be to go I-80 to Salt lake city, down to denver on 1-15, to kansas city, from kansas city to lousiville, lousiville to atlanta, atlanta to west palm.

    Having never done this before I'm really wondering if someone can give me an idea of whether this is a do-able route, and if it can be done in 5 nights or if I should allocate more time (I'd like to stop in KC, Louisville, and Atlanta b/c I've got friends in those places--the western part of the trip is more flexible).

    Another option is the southern-most route, goign through phoenix and houston--which I've put less thought into, but that could also work.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  2. Default 8 hour driving days

    Driving time for the trip is generally 41.5 hours on the PHX/Houston route, and only about 45 hours with your visits included -- not much difference really (your times may vary). If you do 8 hours DRIVING each day, you'd have 5 nights on the road and the better part of 6 days driving time -- 8 hours doesn't include breaks or other stops -- so that's optimistic. You can plan for that, but I'd leave myself open to slowing down a little and not make it so much of a marathon, just in case. Bob

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    Christa Guest

    Default SFO TO ORLANDO

    My husband and I will be moving from San Francisco to
    Orlando and are looking at taking the PHX/Houston route.
    We are looking at heading down 5 to LA, then heading to AZ
    for a stop at the Grand Canyon. Then 40 to Albequeque and
    10 to Houston and along the Gulf Coast to stop in New
    Orleans then continuing on 10 into Florida. I don't know
    how long it's going to take, but we are going to try to do
    it in 10 days or less.

    Would love to hear what you experienced on your trip!

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