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    Matthew S. Guest

    Default Summer Roadtrip

    Me and my friends are planning a roadtrip this Summer across the USA starting from Upstate New York to eventually California for 3 weeks. We need some major input into how we can make this work and the cost of a road trip.

    Some of the places we want to go through or stop on our way there are:
    Virginia ,
    New Orleans,
    Texas: Houston/Dallas,
    New Mexico: Roswell,
    Arizona: Phoenix/ Grand Canyon,
    San Diego/San Francisco/ Los Angeles,

    Then from California we are going to stay there for about a week. Then on our way home we want to go through:
    Las Vegas
    Kansas City,
    Missouri: St. Louis,
    Then Back to Upstate New York.

    Sorry for the generalazation but these are the general places we want to pass through and potentially spend the night. We have five people going. What do you think is the best way to do this? What do you think the mileage? How much per person would it be? Is this feasable to do in 3 weeks?

    Thanks a ton!
    Matt and Friends

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    Default Time

    I plugged in your places ( just rearranging a few stops) and I came up with 8,414 miles. That works out to be 10 days of driving 12 hours per day. You will have to average 400 miles each and every day for 21 days.

    Can it be done. Yes. Will you have much time for site seeing except in California, No.


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    Matthew S. Guest

    Default Revision

    Okay me and my friends were talking and we decided we need to trim or trip a little. Basically want to stop at some of these places on the way there and explore. Can you tell us how long it would take to get there from starting in Upstate New York and stopping at these places.

    ON the way there:
    Through some part of Virginia,
    Nasville Tennessee,
    New Orleans,
    Part of Texas like a big city like Dallas or Houston,
    Roswell New Mexico,
    Grand Canyon,
    Then to California.

    On The way back we want to go through:
    Las Vegas,
    St. Louis,
    Kansas City,
    Then back upstate towards Albany

    Thanks a ton!
    Matt and Friends

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    Default trip planner

    You can enter your start & end destinations at WWW.RV.COM
    trip planner. (perhaps one way as one "trip", then do one-way back as another "trip").
    Then it lets you add all the stops you want along the way inbetween, showing the length of stays at each, etc.

    This will give you a good idea whether or not what you want is do-able. If you want to spend a whole week of the 21 days in California, it is NOT.

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    Default Trip King is the actual program is just one of the member clients of Trip King. The other sites that use the same software are Alamo, Jiffy Lube, GM Motorclub, and Switchboard. But we do agree it is the easiest free on-line planning program. More about our field test of the program is <a href = "">available here<a/>.


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