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    Default Toronto to NYC -- Stopping Locations?

    I am travelling from TO to NYC and would be interested in somewhere to stop upstate - maybe 4 hrs from TO (2 hrs from Buffalo) and then again 3 / 4hrs later ?????


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    Default The reason for the stop?

    What is the stop for? Relaxation? Sightseeing? Excercise?

    Hard to suggest places without knowing the motivation.


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    Default R&R

    Mark - the plan is to leave TO at 4 am, then make a stop for brekkie. We are travelling with my 2 1/2 yr old daughter, and I saw a tip on here previously to find a place where she can run around for a bit. I'd like to find a local place and get out of the car (we can go to McD's in Scotland anytime !!).... then back in the car for another 3 / 4 hrs. We are on holiday, so not in a huge rush, but I would like to get there within 12 hrs if poss.

    Thanks again for your help, and congrats on an excellent site

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    Perhaps Syracuse for a breakfast stop? Not sure of any particular restaurant / park names, but even a "Cracker Barrel" or "International House of Pancakes" (IHOP) will have room for the toddler to run a bit.

    Also, there will be some nice travel centers / rest stops along the highway where you can pull off for 10 minute breaks, fuel fill-ups, etc.

    On this route, there will most likely be TRAFFIC JAMS to delay your journey. Internet map directions say approx. 8 hours or less, but more realistically it will be 10+ hours, plus your brekkie stop.

    At least leaving 4 a.m, you'll miss heavy traffic in Ontario.

    have fun!!!

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