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    Default NYC to San Fran

    My husband and I are driving 7 days from NYC to San Francisco, via route 80. Any suggestions for what to see and do?

  2. Default Some ideas

    1. Take I-55 south from Chicago and see the Abraham Lincoln sites at Springfield, IL. (His home, tomb, law office, and New Salem Village on the Sangamon River (NW of Springfield a few miles). Then work your way back to I-80 via St Louis (the Gateway Arch and Museum of Westward Expansion), then up the Great River Road to Hannibal, MO and on to I-80.

    2. In Iowa, see the Herbert Hoover Natl Historic Site and the Amana Colonies, both near Iowa City.

    3. Across Nebraska and Wyoming, there are many Oregon Trail and frontier history sites. Stop and see the wagon ruts and maybe a Pony Express station! You might also take a side trip north and see Grand Teton or Yellowstone. To really see these parks takes several days, so you may not want to devote time to that on this shorter trip. I'd be tempted, though.

    4. In Utah, stop and see the Mormon Temple, and perhaps the Golden Spike Natl Historic Site (not too far out of the way).

    5. While I have nothing against I-80 across Nevada, I especially enjoy US50 across that state -- it is an experience in isolation! Around Reno, maybe visit Carson City, Virginia City and see Lake Tahoe. Or you could spend a little "quality" casino time in Reno itself!

    Others may have other suggestions -- but these are some of my favorites. You may or may not have time to do them all -- but maybe SOME of them will be interesting to you! Well, there you go! Bob

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    Default agree & few more

    I agree w/ last post for ideas / route.

    The Golden Spike is a historical point that many drive by, not realizing it is so close. Worth the stop.

    I agree a drive through Grand Tetons & Yellowstone would be FANTASTIC if you can fit it in. You should be able to squeeze it in in 7 days... ? If not,

    - as you go toward Rock Springs, Wyoming - watch for wild mustangs! (unlikely to see them without binoculars but, hey, you never know!)

    - as you drive past Salt Lake City, besides the desert sand, the "white stuff" you are seeing is SALT! Pretty neat to take a drive by Bonneville salt flats (or anywhere off the main highway at Great Salt Lake. Bonneville (& other areas nearby) is where the land speed records have been set with very modified jet cars.

    - once in San Fran, hope you'll take some time to drive out to Sequoia National Park, &/or along the coast to Redwood National Park. Yosemite National Park is not too far either.

  4. Default Mustangs and...

    Antelope! Your mention of the horses made me think of all the Pronghorns I've seen along Wyoming highways! Remember the line in the song about "where the deer and the antelope play?" Yup. Sometimes you'll see them (horses AND pronghorns) mixed in with the cattle as they graze. Ah, I LOVE Wyoming! Bob

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    Rock in Roll Hall of fame is great in Ohio.

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