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    elena Guest

    Default rte 90 or rte 94?

    i'm going to seattle from boston in a couple of days.....
    i need to get there quickly, but i'd also like the more scenic route of the 2....mapquest says to take 94 after chicago, but i noticed that 90 goes through the badlands (i've always wanted to pass through there) and i can take a detour through yellowstone.....

    i just don't know.


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    kristy Guest

    Default i90-I94

    I drive from NY to SEA once a year and alternate between these two routes depending on how much time i have. I-90 through SD is definately my favorite of the two. The time difference between the two is really not that significant. Even if you dont have a lot of time there are several places to stop and visit (corn palace, wall drug) that you could do in 1/2 hour to 2 hours depending on your schedule and interest level. Also the badlands loop off of I90 is a beautiful drive. I forget how long it takes but i am sure i could find out. (I went through Nebraska/Wyoming this year)If you zip through the eastern states you should have plenty of time to see a few things in the west. enjoy!!

  3. Default Black Hills

    As Kristy said, the Badlands are not to be missed -- but in addition, the Black Hills are one of the neatest places in the country. There's Rushmore, Lead/Deadwood, Crazy Horse, several great parks; they are an "island" of pines and rock mountains in the middle of the Great Plains. Across the border in Wyoming, there's the Devil's Tower (filmed in and the "star" of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind").

    Nearby there's lots of western and Native American historical sites -- Wounded Knee, Ft. Robinson, the Lakota Cultural Center and Museum (off I-90 in Chamberlain, about 150 miles or so to the east) and some Lewis and Clark associated sites as well. Bob

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    kristy Guest


    As Bob said there are a million places to see in SD. I got the impression you were in a big hurry otherwise i too would have listed more. If you have some time to sightsee we could give much more detailed info on the places you want to see the most

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    Default definitely

    you guys were right....
    i didn't get a chance to read your replys before my trip, but i had a feeling 90 would be better....i flew through the east and took my time out west.
    the badlands were amazing, i did get to see a few of the historic native sites, such as the museum in chamberlain and little big horn.


  6. Default Little Bighorn

    It's great that you enjoyed your trip -- they are always too short, I think! How much time did you spend at the LBH Battlefield? That's always been a fascinating story, but never more than in the past 30 years -- a fire in the late 70s has allowed a fresh look at archaelogical evidence that was hidden before in thick grass and brush -- and much more is known (and/or surmised) about that fight than was known before the fire -- it's always been a story that's not only held the public's attention, but historians have NEVER stopped arguing about it. A most interesting place, in my opinion! George Custer has never stopped stirring people up -- both when he was alive -- and after as well! I guess we like a good mystery! Bob

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    elena Guest

    Default little bighorn

    unfortunately, i only spent the sunset at little big horn....
    i didn't know about the recent developments in the history...
    now that i think of it,,,,i believe there was a spot that appeared "newer", just below the very top, in the area of the monument to the fallen horses, but to be honest, i didn't have enough time to explore thoroughly, and, apparently, the monument to the fallen lakota, cheyenne and arapaho is relatively "new" as well, which seems odd that it took so long....i will have to look it up now! thanks! elana

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