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Thread: I-40 or I-70?

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    I'm driving from Sarnia Ontario (Canada) to Los Angeles next week with a friend, and we need to make the trip in five days or less. I'm planning to stick to the interstates to save time, but I'm debating between taking I-70 or I-40... is one markedly quicker than the other? more scenic?

    any recommendations would be great.

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    I think that I-70 is more scenic, but I don't think you'll find either route to be significantly quicker than the other. Just my guess. I-40 has the attraction of being the replacement for one of the USA's most "revered" highways -- old US66, so you could see some of the attractions and kitsch associated with that, but all things considered, I'd still choose I-70. Bob

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    I-70 is almost a 100 miles shorter. I agree that it's really scenic once you pass Denver, Colorado. I would try not to go thought Denver during commute times.


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