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    I have posted a couple of threads in regards to a road trip I am planning on taking in Oct. neither one has produced any results so I am wondering if there is another site that might be similar to this one where I can post again for advice? thanks

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    That's not an area that gets a lot of traffic on the forum, but there have been some things posted before about it -- run a search on Lake Superior and you'll find some things for that part of the trip, anyway, that folks posted last summer. You might also search on some other terms, UP, Maine, etc. This forum has been in operation for quite a number of years and chances are folks have posted some ideas about many of the areas you'll be passing through. Give it a shot!

    You mentioned being unfamiliar with Canada -- not to worry -- you'll find them a very friendly people on the whole and willing to help. Traveling there has a different "flavor," but not different enough that you'll feel uncomfortable. I've always enjoyed any visits I've made to Canada.

    Other than that, be patient and some folks that don't post everyday may catch up to your request and answer -- but it may take them awhile. You can also check out the tourism sites for each state and province along the way, and they'll have online information for you to read, and they can mail you their guides (usually only takes a couple of weeks in most cases, although they SAY 6 to 8.) Good luck with the planning! Bob

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    I'm not sure where/when you posted because I haven't been here for about a year, but I just responded last night to a post about MI UP, Northern MN, etc. That's what it sounded like you might need info on?

    I'll look for your post to see if I can help you out. I'm from Duluth, MN and have travelled to the UP and CA, so I may be able to help...

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