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    Default Bluegrass State

    Well, I started to type this up and realized that it would be far too long to post here. Eventually I'll set up a travel webpage with pictures and journals from my travels, but for now, here's a few remarks:

    <li>I <i>still</i> cannot find good food in most of Kentucky. Could somebody help me out here?</li>
    <li>The Red River Gorge area is absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of the Grand Canyon's North Rim</li>
    <li>Kentuckians are friendly, except when they're not, and when driving they don't pull out in front of you for no reason (unlike my Yankee acquaintances)</li>
    <li>Cumberland Falls and its environs are quite spectacular. If you go, also check out Eagle Falls!</li>
    <li>KY 90 is a road trippers dream road, with graceful curves and great scenery, and no ripped-up pavement</li>

    For the most part, the weather was very cooperative. The last time I went there we had heat indices of 105-110 degrees for several days. This time, I don't think it got over 92. We were able to take some bike rides (US-31 by the Tipi Motel!) and enjoy the back roads.

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    Default We are in beta for whizo journal program

    We are working towards being able to offer a really cool on-line travel journal service with dynamic maps, places for posting images and journals. But in the meantime, always glad to see your trip reports.


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    Thanks for the Cumberland Falls suggestion. We were there for a full-moon, but unfortunately the severe thunderstorms were there also. The moon did come out, but there air was too humid and foggy to give a good show of the moonbow.

    We stayed at the lodge, but the lodge lost power in the storm. In the evening while we waited for darkness to fall, we drove into Corbin and ate dinner at the site of the original KFC. Have you stopped there?

    I'll give you the rundown on our trip as soon as I remember all of the details :)

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    Default Wow!

    That would be very cool, Mark!

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    Default KFC

    Just to answer your Q, yes, we ate at the Corbin KFC, and we looked at all the neat displays there.

    Our campground lost power, as did the surrounding buildings (with the exception of the adult bookstore down the street which had a huge yellow sign that could be seen a mile away.)

    I have yet to write down the details of my trip in computerized form, either, so don't feel bad. Maybe once I catch up on my homework?

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