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    Default Road Trip - 6 months


    I am looking to do a 6 month road trip next year. Could someone tell me what visa I would need to do this.

    I know I can stay for 3 months, but would like to do 6.

    Any help will be appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Lorna Ashton Guest

    Default Visas

    We're from the UK too and are looking at a 6 month trip across the US next year. You'll need a Tourist Visa from the US consulate in London, they call it a B2 (on their website there's loads of details) Cost is £60 each application. Men need to fill in an additional form too and there is apparently an appointment we need to attend in order to get the visa. This makes thet stay in the US possible for 6 months, but you can still be turned away at Immigration upon arrival.

    It sounds all very long winded, but for us it'll be worth it.

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