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    Default Translated city names

    have you ever wondered what meant a particular city name? Here a just a few examples :

    Bâton Rouge, LA = Red Stick

    Belle Chasse, LA = great hunt

    Belle Rose, LA = nice rose

    Bois d'Arc, MO = wood from an arch

    Bon Air, AL = Good air

    Bon Secour, AL = Great Help (Secours takes an S in French)

    Bonne Terre, MO = Good earth

    Castor, LA = Beaver

    Citronelle, AL = Lemon Grass

    Cœur d'Alene = Heart of Awl

    Dauphin Island, AL = Dolphin Island

    Des Allemands, LA = ...of the Germans

    Grosse Tête, LA = Big Head

    Maringouin, LA = Mosquito

    Mer Rouge, LA = Red Ocean

    Nez Percé (Indians) = Pierced Nose

    Paradis, LA = Paradise

    Pointe à la hache, LA = Peak of a hachet

    Vacherie, LA = insult or french expression meaning sh...t

    Ville Platte = flat city or boring city (Platte takes one T
    in French)

    If you want to submit some cities to be translated, go ahead, it might be interesting!


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    kristy Guest

    Default city names

    I have to include my hometown Spokane=Children of the Sun

  3. Default In Arizona

    Ajo: garlic

    Chinle: "Where the water comes out."

    Bidahochi: "Red streaks on rocks"

    Nazlini: "water streams come together"

    Chilchinbito: "a spring, where there are good berries"

    Teec Nos Pos: "Cottonwood trees in a circle"

    Tsegi: "canyon" (Canyon de Chelly is derived from this word)

    Tsaile: "Flowing water and rock, where the water goes in" (Tsaile is at the head of Canyon de Chelly, Chinle is at its mouth).

    Tucson: a black-rock spring

    Ajo is Spanish, Tucson is probably derived from a Papago word, and all the other words are Navajo and are places on the Navajo Nation.

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