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  1. Default Crossing the Desert in September - Route 66

    I'm new to these boards, so I hope my questions are appropriate.

    My boyfriend and I are going to have a couple of days to drive from Santa Monica, where my brother is getting married, to Scottsdale, AZ.

    My dream is to drive all of route 66 someday. I have driven a big part of the Arizona stretch, going east to west - and though this is not much time, I thought we would take advantage of what we have and do a small piece of 66 "backwards", west to east.

    I thought we would drive accross California and through Arizona at least as far as Seligman, because I'd like my boyfriend to meet Angel Degadilio!

    Here is my question: I am looking forward to crossing the Mojave, but don't know how hot it is going to be at that time of year. Should we start out in the wee hours of the morning so that we cross the desert relatively early - or is this not so much of a concern in these modern times? The only thing that bothers me about going super early is that is that none of the roadside businesses/attractions would be open.

    Also, I had heard from some that Roy's in Amboy is now owned by some very mean people and should be avoided. Does anyone have experience with this?

    Any advice advice you'd like to offer on these questions, or pertaining to anything along the way on this trip would be appreciated.



  2. Default Maybe hot, maybe not!

    September isn't normally the coolest month in the desert, but the evenings are starting to cool down by then. However, as long as your vehicle is in good shape and you have air conditioning, you shouldn't have any problems with it. How about planning the hottest part of the drive in the early evening, or late morning -- then it wouldn't even be so bad at those times if you wanted to get out and explore a little bit. But if it doesn't work out for you to do that, just make sure your car is good, take along an ice chest and lots of water, and do it! I've not driven the California portions of old 66, but you can probably find plenty of info on this site by using the search function. You'll find articles on it also on the site directory, so look there as well! Bob

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    Default Route 66

    I live off a portion of Route 66, the stretch from santa monica inland is going to be mostly busy well developed streets (and a few highways). I forgot exactly when it turns into an old highway, probably around the san bernardino area. I've probably driven most of it between Kingman, AZ and california, but not all at once, usually at different times. Out in the desert, it's not too bad if you have AC, and even then carry water like Bob says. I'd probably drive during the day just to see all the attractions, but if you plan on going up Amboy crater, plan to do that when it cools down. I just remember out past barstow the road gets a little rough, I ended up switching back and forth between the 40 and route 66 because they cross a few times.

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    Default Some really excellent resources

    Guy Randall has traveled every inch of Route 66, several times and has created a <a href = "">photo log<a> of the (nearly) entire journey that can be viewed in either direction (north or south-bound). Plus our <a href = "">Route 66 page<a/> has a bunch of other resources.

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