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    Default SUV or luxury car for a 3000 mile trip

    with lots of interstate driving as well as driving thru the back roads in Maine etc

    I had wanted to use an SUV but i was wondering what others thought.

    With fuel as cheap as it is in the US it won't matter if the mpg isn't brilliant as it will still work out way cheaper than the fuel costs we put up with here which average out at around $7 per gallon.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    On having a look at mpgs the SUVs are lower than i thought but with fuel the price it is in the US it won't be a major isssue

  3. Default Not much difference

    As long as you don't rent a HUGE SUV, there probably won't be much difference -- not any that would make one a great bargain over the other, anyway. You'd probably find a luxury-type auto in the 20-25 mpg range, or less, depending on the make and model, and SUVs would typically be in the 16-21 mpg range, I think. That's what I'd expect, anyway. So, drive the one you'd like the best! Just my opinion! Bob

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    Hi Bob.

    Yep i had a root about last night on a new car site where it gave mpgs and its an SUV that i'd like to try, and with your fuel costs being so low it really isn't going to sting us in the pocket compared to UK prices

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