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    Default Where the hells Forbestown

    Well, tomorrow I am heading down to Forbestown CA to visit my parents, and do a few things around the house for them. The neat thing is I will be going to an old gold mine that is nearby, and doing some weekend prospecting. If you never hear from me again, I have found the biggest gold vein in the Yuba/Sutter mountains.....I will take alot of photos too!

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    We're anxious to hear from you:-) I'm sure you'll have plenty of funny stories to tell us:-) I love old mines, I visited iron mines when I went to Labrador and we have a lot of asbestos mines around here.

    Have a great trip!

    Ps- what's the name of the goldmine?

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    Default Forbestown fun

    Well, I have returned, a little sore in the back, and a little richer. (a few flakes of gold in a jar) As I returned home, I finished Megan's book, <a href = "">Roads from the Ashes<a/>.....makes me want to full time even more.
    As this was really a trip to see my parents, Forbestown was having their yearly shindig called "Forbestown Daze". In this town of less that 200 people, a parade, exhibits, and a host of events was the order of the day on Saturday. For such a tiny gold town, this shindig was quite large and memorable. Of course, nearly everyone in town was drunk by noon, so it was even more enjoyable to watch these mountain folk go. Muzzle Loaders, Re-enactors, and a host of cannons fired all day long. This truly was fun for everyone! Go look at the official Forbestown site for more info...
    I managed to get in a little mining while there, and ran some ore through a small stamp my father has near the mine (Lewis Mine) We also have a few dump loads of tailings from the old Gold Bank mine, which are fun to pan. yes, every time, we find enough gold to get you excited, but never enough to buy a hot meal. Nonetheless, panning on the Yuba River is what its all about!

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