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    Default Atl, Ga to South Lake Tahoe...Help

    Me and my girlfriend are planning a trip in April from Atlanta Georgia to South Lake Tahoe. I will not get anywhere near a plane so I agreed to take her across country to Tahoe. We will have close to 3 weeks to do it and get back home. Where should I begin? We want to stop and see all the sites along the way, but stick to a planned route. Are there any good resources out there that can give me a route along with sites to see? ( Books, websites, or videos) I am thinking of joining AAA but are there any other clubs I should join for discounts on the way? Thanks for any help you can give me?

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    Neil, try running the term "discounts" on the search function on this forum and it'll bring up some good advice that's been posted before. As far as planning, you can't beat AAA I've heard -- but if you want to do it yourself (I wouldn't dream of letting someone else plan my trip for me, it's just too much fun, and my choice of route is always a very "personal" thing), you can get information on trip planning programs on this website, or try for a limited free program. Personally, I use MS Streets and Trips after learning about it here on this site from other posters, and it makes easy work of the job. I got last year's copy discounted to about $15 and that's not bad for the capability it gives you. Bob

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    Two tips:

    Take I-70 through the Colorado Rockies. Staggering beauty. The San Rafael Swell in Utah is splendid too.

    Then catch Hwy 50 in Delta, Utah and take it to South Lake Tahoe. You won't regret it. E-mail me at to get more info.

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