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    Default Car games

    Hey I am taking a road trip with a friend but we need some ideas for what to do while in the car for so long. Does anyone know any fun car games or word games or anything to help us pass the time?

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    Default A memory Game

    Gina, you are fun! I like playing a memory game with my wife as we go. I start a story with a sentence, and she adds a sentence. We alternate that scenario repeating the entire story while adding each new sentence. it goes something like this: me..I met a man in Ohio....she says...I met a man in Ohio who had a limp... me I met a man in Ohio who had a limp and a crooked smile....on and on it goes! Its fun! Of course the funnest thing I do while driving long distances is to annoy my wife and see how long it takes her to freak out....hehehe, boys will be boys

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    Default Some silly ideas:-)

    Try to find the capitals of each state/province. Each one tells a state and the faster one gets to make the others guess. It's very simple but it can be fun depending on who is playing. You can also name a capital and the others have to guess the state or country. You could buy on of these small sets of checkers, snakes and ladders, stuff like that in dollar stores.

    Grab the "Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road" by Cameron Tuttle in a bookstore, you'll find plenty of ideas in there, sometimes a bit silly but fun.:-) If you like adventure, you can even play strip poker but be careful unstrapping a bra while driving can be dangerous sometimes!:-)lol Just kidding. Bring plenty of books, a gameboy if you have one (more than one is good because you get to play with someone else (challenge)), buy a jelly bean pack in a truck stop and try to guess the different flavours, put on a contest : who is gonna find the most kitsch souvenir in the place or the junkiest kind of chips ever, write little poems about your roadtrip experiences and share it with the others, you can even write a collective poem sharing your newly acquired roadtrip wisdom.

    It may sound stupid, but often the smallest things on the road are the most enjoyable because it simply gets you out of the day-to-day life and gives you the opportunity to be laid back and act nuts and crazylike just for the thrill of it. It's great you asked that question on the forum because I'm curious about what the others have to say, what games they like to play, it'll be interesting to read the feedbacks:-)

    Have a nice trip and have fun!

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    Default More games

    Here's some we played with our kids that were kinda fun.

    "I'm going to California" consists of stating what you will pack, in alphabetical order, and then you have to repeat what was said before and add something. Like "I'm going to California and I'm bringing and alligator" and the next person would say "I'm going to California and I'm bringing an alligator and a bazooka." The next person says the a-word, b-word, and adds a c-word, etc. to z. But, of course, we never made it that far.

    Finding letters. Having to find all the letters of the alphabet, in order, on signs, license plates, etc. It's really frustrating if you're only at D or so and see a Z on a sign, or a Q, because you can't use them yet and know they're tough to find. YOu don't have to play individually as a competition. It's also fun as a group effort.

  5. Default What? We're not SINGING?

    How about "Animal-Vegetable-Mineral?" It's a game of guess what object I'm thinking of -- first question is the title. Then the participants ask questions intended to narrow down the possibilities, but they have to be answered only "yes" or "no." Ask questions in turn, and the person that guesses correctly first gets to choose the next mystery object. Bob

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