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    Default california to somewhere

    I want to take a road trip from where I live (hollywood, CA) to somewhere but I don't know where. I'd like lots of cheesy things to do along the way but also some nice peaceful scenery. Any advice on where I should head? I'm talking like-a 3 or 4 day trip here. Thanks!

  2. Default Gold Rush Country

    I don't know about cheesy stuff, but why not go up toward Tahoe and beyond and see the <a href = "" >Gold Rush country<a/>? It's really beautiful up there. Just head up US395 and go where your whims take you for a couple of days, then when half the time is gone, head back, maybe down the coast. Bob

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    Theres a thread further down on southern california daytrips. There are some ideas in there. 3-4 days will get you pretty far. Instead of having a destination, sometimes I just head in a direction, without a route, and decide along the way.

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    I agree with Bob. 395 has some boring spots on the way to get there, but once in the Sierra's, it's beautiful. Mt. Whitney is near the town of Lone Pine, Mammoth Lakes is another couple of hours north of L.P. Mono Lake, a neat salt lake is north of Mammoth. Tahoe is a beautiful lake. An alternative way to get back home would be to take highway 95 through western Nevada. You'd go through Hawthorne, past Walker Lake, Tonopah, Goldfield, and old mining town, and finally through Las Vegas, and then home. Something to consider.

    Have a great trip.

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