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    Rocky Royko Guest


    Can anyone tell me if this is doable- I need to be in Dallas for a baseball game at 7:05 PM, and I'll be leaving Phoenix early in the morning. Also, what's the drive like? Anything cool to look at? Thanks.

  2. Default No stops

    With NO stops, you can get there in 14 hours of driving. Can you do it? I couldn't -- no way would I ever drive for 14 hours without a break (by choice or for pleasure) -- that's just not "fun" for me. But I've known people who could.

    I would do this kind of a trip by air, given a choice and the time constraint. Why not check out Southwest's or America West's "weekend" prices on the internet and see if you can find a cheap seat?

    Or, if you really want to drive it (or ride it), split it up into 1.5 days with an overnight somewhere in the middle -- maybe leave Phoenix late one afternon, drive a few hours (maybe Deming or Las Cruces), then finish it off the next day and be there for the game easy at 7:05. You could enjoy a trip like that! Bob

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    Doug Banwart Guest


    OK here's the thing. I have to drive, because I've been in Phoenix all summer and I'm returning home to Illinois where I live (Dallas is the in-between stop).

    I also checked on mapquest- exactly 1035 miles. I figure if I drive 85 MPH the whole way that comes out to 12.1 hours of driving (exhausting but I love to drive lol).

    The only thing that stinks is that I'm going to gain two hours (time zone)

    BTW, this is my real name. When I posted for the first time, I have no idea why Rocky Royko was the author, sorry.

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    Kathy B. Guest

    Default Phoenix to Dallas

    I live in El Paso, TX and it takes 10-12 hours to drive frome here to Dallas. Phoenix to El Paso is, by itself, a 6 hour drive. You could do it but that would really be pushing it.

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    Default Physically impossible

    The only way for you to drive 85 mph for 12.1 hours would be with a police escort and a very tricky "in-flight" fueling option. You might be able to attain short distances at something approaching 85 mph, but over-all the best possible average speed you can achieve over the 1035 miles is 58 mph. Slowing and stopping for fuel, food, construction, police, etc. will require that this trip will last at a minimum 17.8 hours.

    Driving for 18 hours by yourself is deadly and dumb. I have driven cross country a number of times (speed runs -- stopping only for fuel) but the most I will drive at one time by myself is eight hours.

    Reconsider if you can!


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    Doug Banwart Guest

    Default not gonna do it

    Stupid, stupid. I don't know why I try stuff like this- I looked at the map and realized Texas is friggin' huge. I'm gonna go through Utah and Colorado instead, on the way home to Illinois. BTW, thanks for knocking some sense into me. I'm glad I didn't try this, because my parents likely would have been making funeral arrangements.


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    Randle Kuehner Guest

    Default good call

    Good call Doug. Much safer w/o the hustling you'd have otherwise been doing. Plus, the route you've chosen is an awesome drive. enjoy!

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