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    kristy Guest

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    I finaly get to take a trip (very brief unfortunatley) through the south. We plan on hitting Graceland along the way. Does anyone know if the tours sell out or fill up quickly so I know if I should get there early? Also there is a famous BBQ restaurant in Memphis that is supposed to be the best and I cant remember the name of it. Does anyone know of it, or any other great BBQ joint between New Orleans and Memphis/Nahville/Knoxville? Thanks in Advance!!

  2. Default Neely's or Corky's

    These come to mind as barbecue joints with reputations -- I've never personally been to either (but they're on my list next time I go that way because I've heard others speak of them). Perhaps we have someone from Memphis that would care to make a recommendation? Bob

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    kristy Guest


    Thanks for the suggestions. I will let you know which one we go to and how it was!!

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    I think the the Rendevous in downtown Memphis has great ribs and even better atmosphere, and to top it off you get to see downtown. But also in Germantown, on the outskirts of Memphis, here is a great Bar-B-Q place called the Germantown Commissary. Its an old famly fun business with great service and great food. Both of these have lot of character and have been with Memphis for quite a long time.

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    kristy Guest


    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately we got into Memphis later than planned and were ravenous by the time we got to the hotel. We took the shuttle straight to Beale street and ate there. The BBQ we had was basically meat with BBQ sauce, not real mesquite BBQ. I was horribly disappointed as I have had much better in NYC. Next time we will have to stop and have a snack so we can wait to get to a good restaurant. Oh well live and learn.

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    How was the visit to Graceland? Bob

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    kristy Guest


    Honestly it was slightly depressing. It was very interesting to learn about him and his life in more detail but hearing bits and pieces of his friends and Lisa Marie talk about him and how amazing he was in real life just made me feel very sad. I cant even begin to imagine what it must have been like for Lisa when he died. It is such a shame. On a lighter note I loved the 70's decour with the green shag carpet!!! I also found i prefer his purple cadillac to the famous pink one. I wish I would have had more than one day there. I will just have to go back one day!!!

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    Big Daddy Guest

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    I have to say that Graceland was one of the most disappointing tourist traps I have ever seen. We spent the day there last year, and were really amazed at how much we spent versus the quality of what we saw. I did love the rock fence along the street where visitors had written their wishes to Elvis. Also, we went over to Tupelo to see the birthplace.again, it wasnt much! I will say it was the worlds smallest house. I wished I had read about your cculinary delimna before you went. I have two great places, one of which is in neighboring Clarksdale Mississippi. Its called Turners Grill, and for some really adventerous eating.....well, you gotta try it..we went of fried nuggett seafood night....go figure. The best I have had in or near Memphis was hands down Neeleys Bar B Que. You dont need directions to this place, follow the signs!

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    kristy Guest

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    i wanted to go to neelys since it was recommended to me but we only had one night there and part of the next day. we got to the heartbreak late and were too tired to drive into memphis. we took the shuttle to beale street thinking we could then get a cab to the restaurant. we didnt eat most of the afternoon in anticipation of dinner so we were way too famished to wait any longer. As for Graceland I wasnt dissapointed but it definately was a tourist trap in the sense that there were gift shops after every exhibit. I have a step sister in the area so i will definately go back and hopefully try both of the suggested restaurants!!

  10. Default Well, you know...

    Sometimes you just GOTTA visit a tourist trap or two. :)
    I was in Sedona (AZ) yesterday and that entire town is a tourist trap -- and even the US Forest Service is part of it these days! Still worth the trip to see that beautiful place.

    I've never been to Graceland, but I still remember where I was when I heard that Elvis had died. I think that's funny (even weird) -- that that particular "milestone" was memorable enough that I'd remember it the same way I do the assassinated Kennedys and Martin Luther King. Bob

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