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    Default Rhode Island

    Since I rarely see it mentioned (and, in fact, for someone living relatively close, I rarely visit), I figured I'd give Rhode Island a little recognition and provide a link to an interesting site:

    <a href="">Quahog!!</a>

    For those that are asking: "Why?"...........

    Now that I'm back from Kentucky (which I will post about at a later date!), I was researching "interesting things in my home state" (MA), when I came across "Statue of Liberty Syndrome".

    Over the next few weekends I plan on exploring my home state more - I'm usually itching to get away, but a hike last weekend up Mt. Toby inspired me to research more areas.

    Seeing how Boston is effectively closed for the next week, now is as good a time as ever!

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    Default Very good catch!


    Thanks for the mention of the Rhode Island road trip site. I was not aware of it before and will feature it this week on RTA!


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    Default Little Rhody

    Rhody rocks! A ton to see in such a small place. I just recently moved from RI to Tennessee and already miss it. Last February my family and I did a fundraiser in which we visted all 39 cities and towns in about 10 hours (including the ferry to and from Block Island). This is one state that you have to get off the interstate. Key roads for seeing the countryside, bay and ocean. Route 102( Victory highway), Route 114 ( Pawtucket to Bristol to Newport),Route 138 ( Across the the bay bridges and past the Univ of RI) and the various scenic 1A cutoffs along the coast. Enjoy!

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    Default Awesome place!

    I agree Rhode Island Rocks. My uncle has lived ther for about 25 years after moving from Missouri. Here wouldn't move back for anything. Providence is a fun place to go. Visit the Mansions along the coast thats a fantastic tour. Just have fun. don't be ridgid. If a sign catches your eye. Take it. I can bet that it will be a blast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;19866
    Over the next few weekends I plan on exploring my home state more - I'm usually itching to get away, but a hike last weekend up Mt. Toby inspired me to research more areas.
    I think this is good advice for us all. I am always amazed at the things locally that people in my area haven't done yet they will spend big bucks to go explore somewhere else! Acting like a tourist in your home area can be a lot of fun. Let us know what you discover, OK?

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    Default I should

    Wow - this is an old thread of mine!

    Well, let's see what's happened since then:

    My job has changed, work commute has lengthened. During this I kept thinking: the same roads you travel on vacation are the roads others dread seeing every day. This implies that the road you dread seeing every day is the road other people are taking their vacation on.

    We've been into Rhode Island several times since then, mostly exploring around Providence.

    Took a peek at Maine last winter - I hadn't been up there in awhile, though my significant other goes at least once a year with her family.

    A lot of exploring Worcester, though I must admit this has been more out of necessity than just simple curiosity.

    Truth be told, I haven't explored quite as much as I though I would when that post was written, but the idea is still there - I don't know how much longer we'll be staying in this corner of the country.

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