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    Default Route 66 help

    My husband is determined to drive the entire route 66. Where do we start to plan such a trip? Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default RTA has a few good resources

    First I would urge you to check out our <a href = "">Rte 66 page</a> and click on the recommended links. I guarantee that if you were to click on even half of our suggestions, you would know more than 80% of the folks who have driven sections of the road!


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    Default route 66

    I have recently driven route 66 through Illinios, except the section very near Chicago. was very enjoyable, and met several interesting people who had businesses along the original route 66. the Illinois rt. 66 association has done an outstanding job of restoring and marking route 66. go to their web site and get detailed instructions. also drove a good part of 66 through Arizona a couple of years ago.

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