I'm going on a roadtrip this weekend,and hopefully I will get to the Labrador border by Sunday. I know there are just a few ghost towns between Manic 5 and Lab City, but I was wondering if anyone has ever gone there and if there was any accomodations (campgrounds, cabins, motels)in Labrador City and before that. I was planning to sleep in a car, but I'm not sure I will actually have the chance to use that car and my car is far too small to accomodate my endless legs:-( Any suggestion about places to sleep in that area is welcomed anyway:-)

Another thing. I'm planning an eventual trip to Northern Quebec (Inuit Country (ex. : Kujjuaq)) and I know many of you are Americans but have anyone ever gone there? If so, how is it? How much is a plane ticket approx.? What are the accomodations like down there? How did you react to constant daylight (or darkness in winter?))? Did you have language problems interacting with locals? I know english is spoken by some people and french is getting more and more popular, but I don't know how popular.


ps-for those of you who are wondering about the daylight/darkness stuff : north of the 55th parallel, you basically have two seasons : winter and summer. In summer, night time lasts only 2 or 4 hours and in winter, you only have 5 hours of daylight.