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    Default salt lake city - tetons - yellowstone - cody - slc

    We are an English family (boys 15 & 12) & have 19 days touring from slc by car starting on 5th August - we've booked night 1 & 2 in slc, 4-9 in Jackson Hole area(intend to ride, white water raft & hike), 10-14 Old Faithfull/west yellowstone/gardiner. Where should we stop off en route & return? More to the point - where to avoid!
    We thought a couple of nights in Cody to see rodeo & do Beartooth highway then back via South Pass. ...your suggestions most welcome.
    We don't want to do lots of miles, just see & do interesting things. Thanks

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    imported_UK Guest


    You should consider Thermopolis and Dinosaur national monument.

    See this page for details


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    I'm assuming slc is Salt Lake City. If you have the time, my wife and I have found the smaller highways prettier. The Interstates can be so boring. There's a highway 89 that runs north from SLC. You might enjoy the trip that way. Also, be aware that Yellowstone is a huge park, and almost everyone goes into the center of the park where Old Faithful is. Try and see some other parts of the Park. There are good tour books of Yellowstone. If you have time, South Dakota is not very far away, and Mt. Rushmore is there, with 4 of the President's heads there. Also, Crazy Horse monument is nearby. I haven't seen that one, but it is on our list of places to see. S.D. would be another day's drive. Something to think about.
    Enjoy your trip.

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    Default Cody is my hometown

    Although it has been way too long since I visited Cody, it is a great place to soak up some of the local history. Be sure to visit the newish Draper Wing of the Whitney Gallery of Western Art.

    We have a local correspondent who lives and works in town, by the name of Bob Brown. His suggestions would include: a day trip to Red Lodge, MT (65 miles one way), Sunlight Basin (a slow 30 miles one way), and to the South Fork Valley (a slow 45 miles one way).


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    Sue green Guest


    Thanks for the comments - we're looking forward to our holiday

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