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    Default Scenic Route from Denver to Vegas in February


    I'm an Australia with 4 mates who will be staying in Denver over the Christmas season. We're interested in doing a road trip from Denver to Vegas sometime in February. Are the roads too dangerous to drive in the Winter months? We want to see as much as possible and wouldn't mind taking 4-5 days to do so.. Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    Default aww, CO winters!

    The I-70 mountain route through CO is one of the prettiest strips of natural beauty in the state, as well as one of the busiest routes during the ski season. The trip to LV can actually be done in one day (about 11 hrs. with clear roads) but if you have a chance to stop off in the quaint mountain resorts definitely don't miss some of the best skiing in the US. A good way to warm up would be a plunge into the natural Hot Springs Pool in Glenwood Springs, CO or play archaeologist for a day in Dinosaur, CO.

    The roads are usually very well upkept in CO winters; however, driving on snow-packed mountain passes can be quite intimidating for the novice mountaineer. Definitely drive the windy CO corridor during daylight hours, and don't forget the tire chains...just in case.

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    Default places to see

    Check a map and to see if you can
    fit in any of the following on your route:

    (especially depending on your experience with winter mountainous driving)

    Ouray to Durango (US550 - "Million Dollar Highway" / San Juan Skyway)
    Very scenic - lots to see & do in area along route. Would have to check daily road / weather conditions before you leave.

    Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

    Zion National Park, Utah

    Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    (I think you'll have to go to Vegas, then drive to the SOUTH rim during February, not the north rim)

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