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    Default Gas stations on Highway 1 PCH from SLO to Monterey

    I am planning a trip to SF via PCH from Santa Barbara area.
    I have a 3g tank motorcycle and I think it's for about 140 miles. I heard PCH doesn't have many gas stations. What is the longest distance between two gas stations?


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    I dont think the Gas Sations are even 100 miles apart on Hwy 1.Gestimating...the max distance you may have to go without finding a pump will be less than 50 miles, though these will be a single pump stations besides a little gift shop/convenience store.<br>
    I did this route 3 times from San Francisco to San Louis Obispo,atleast thats the most scenic part of it IMHO.<br>
    Yea, be prepared to pay for the gas as if it were a 18 yr old SCOTCH whiskey ;-).

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    Default 235

    Per MS Streets & Trips, there are 235 gas stations along this 368 mile route. And this program doesn't necessarily list every single gas station so there are likely many more. I clicked on a smattering of gas stations listed and they seem to be all along the coastal highway. I can't imagine that you'll have any problem finding gas before you need it. Have fun!

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