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    i'm driving from northeast PA to Vegas in Aug, my first road trip longer than 6 hours. i'll be going alone. need help it ok to go by myself or will i get a little stir-crazy? also, it'll be about 2500 miles, how long will it take? I figured 4 days, 600 miles+ a day. Is that correct? any help will be greatly appreciated


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    Randy Guest

    Default It's possible

    &gt; i'm driving from northeast PA to Vegas in Aug, my <BR>
    &gt; first road trip longer than 6 hours. i'll be <BR>
    &gt; going alone. need help it ok to go <BR>
    &gt; by myself or will i get a little stir-crazy? <BR>
    &gt; also, it'll be about 2500 miles, how long will it <BR>
    &gt; take? I figured 4 days, 600 miles+ a day. Is <BR>
    &gt; that correct? any help will be greatly <BR>
    &gt; appreciated<BR>
    &gt; <BR>
    &gt; Thanks <BR>

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    Randy Guest

    Default It's possible

    Yes it's possible. You said NE PA., so you could
    figure it like this. Scranton to Indianapolis = 653 miles/
    about 10 1/2 hours. Indianapolis to Tulsa = 647 miles/ about
    10 1/2 hours. Tulsa to Albuquerque = 671 miles/ about 10 1/2
    hours. Albuquerque to Las Vegas = 618 miles/ about 9 3/4
    hours. You could also go through Colorado and Utah. Since you're by yourself there will be less stops, but you should
    stop and stretch every once in awhile. Keep your radio on
    and get plenty of sleep each night and you should be okay.
    Also remember, you will gain an hour (of time) each time you cross the time line.

    If you're more concerned with your
    destination than sightseeing, it's probably better to stick to the Interstates. They're more driver friendly. Each day, after you've finished driving, try writing a little driving
    journal. It will kinda feel like your telling someone about your trip. Don't forget to leave your trip itenerary with
    someone you know. Just to be safe.

  4. Default Solo traveling

    Whether you will enjoy traveling solo depends some on whether you like to spend time by yourself any other place! If you are the kind of person that is only happy surrounded by other people, then you probably WON'T like it. But if you like being by yourself sometimes, then traveling is a great time for it.

    For me, it gives me time to really relax and let my mind drift. There are a lot of times I prefer traveling alone! Give it a try -- if nothing else, you'll know for the future whether you DO like it or not! (And I'll bet you do.) Bob

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    Default Solo roadtrip

    Like Bob said, if you're the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by people all the time, maybe you won't like being on the road. If that's the case, don't forget to bring a lot of cds that you like, bring more than you think you'll need. You can check out the Gear Up section of the forum for great road songs. You also can bring your cell phone (with a cigarette lighter charger) and call friends or family once in a while. If you absolutely have to talk with someone, stop in Truck Stops and chat with truckers or waitresses, you'll be surprise of how nice these people are and how you can learn from them.

    For my part, I truly enjoy solitude and especially solo roadtrips (long or short) it is like a therapy, a self-freeing experience each time. I just did a 3 weeks solo roadtrip from Montreal (Quebec) to the South West (NE, CO, AZ, NM, TX) and back by the East Coast (FLA, VA, NH), etc. More than 16 000 kilometers in all and I happen to be a young and skinny girl, so if I did it, you surely can, I have no doubt about it! You also have the chance of having plenty of time to complete you roatrip, make the best out of it : find spots that you would like to visit, eat unusual roadside food, go for a hike in a canyon, have a chat with loacls in a small town, the possibilities are endless.

    Enjoy every minute and remember that a lot of people are dying to get on the road just like you but are stuck in their boring offices at work while you're doing that!:-)

    Drive safely and good luck!

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    imported_Michael Guest


    thanks for the help. I love solitude, and I definitely need my "alone time", that's why I decided to drive out instead of fly. now my only question is should I take 80 out there or 40? Or maybe one then the other on the way back. any opinion? are they roughly the same distance/time, and does one have better sights?

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    Randy Guest

    Default 80 and 40

    Hey, if it's a roundtrip, i'd take both. I think 80 would be a little faster, and a little more senic through western
    Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah. I havn't been on 80 since I was
    a kid and, I can't really remember it. I-40 is fairly senic, not spectacular but a decent drive none the less. In
    Groom, TX, just east of Amarillo, they have a giant cross
    that can be seen from twenty miles. Just west of Amarillo,
    on 40, you'll find the Cadillac Ranch. It's a strange roadside attraction that doesn't cost anything and only takes a few minutes to visit.

    A word of caution; the Amarillo stock yards are right
    on I-40 just west of town. They are on the south side of
    the interstate and it smells horrible. There are thousands
    of cattle and it doesn't matter what you do you can't, not
    smell it. You can roll up your windows, turn off your a/c,
    where a gas mask, and you still wont escape it. The best
    thing to do is hold your breath and pray for the best.

    The town of Tucumcari, NM has a good stretch of
    Route 66 and on it you'll find, the legendary Blue Swallow
    Motel with "100% refridgerated air" and the Route 66
    Monument, among other things. Albuquerque is a nice
    senic city bordered by beautiful mountains. Flagstaff is
    also a nice place, senic and surrounded by mountains.

    Also along I-40, you can drive through the Petrified
    Forest N.P., see a giant meteor crater, and take a short
    side road to see the Grand Canyon. Crossing the Hoover
    Dam is quite an experience, even though the lake is at a
    low level. I would surf the net and get all the info you
    need about the sights along I-40 and 80 before you go.Randy.



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