finally! getting our tushies back on the road after what seems like forever. my boy and i are taking 9 days to get the hell outta baltimore and go south. our ultimate destination is new orleans (a place i lived for three years but haven't seen in four), but we'll likely go through the mountains of WVA, TN, etc. and return, making a pit stop in SC to visit my sista'.
<p> we've never traveled down thattaway before, and am wondering if anybody's come across anything cool and waaay off the proverbial beaten path that might be a point of interest. i'm talking succulent barbecue, snake handling churches, or anywhere a girl can find a good, handmade banjo strap... or even if anybody has a long lost aunt or uncle or something who would be willing to let us sleep on their floor if we promise to behave!
<p>folks, this is your opportunity to talk about what makes the towns you've visited or your hometown so freakin' special! it also is your opportunity to school us on where not to go. PLEASE RESPOND! please