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    Katie Guest

    Default How can I avoid Colorado? Vegas To Baltimore??!!

    I drove cross country to get to Vegas and although Colorado was beautiful, the drive was the scariest thing I've ever done. Peaks and Valleys, Mack trucks passing by at 100 M.P.H., pouring rain on top of a mountain, the thought of actually having to use the ramp!!! Never again, Does anyone have detour directions/suggestions?

  2. Default Alternates

    Did you use I-70 through Colorado, or take secondary roads?There are alternates to I-70 if you choose, although I-70 is easy driving in comparison to other (secondary) mountain roads and well-worth it for the views. If you didn't use it on your trip out to Nevada, it is my recommendation for the trip back.

    But, each of these (following) is virtually identical in mileage and time -- you could take US93 south to Kingman, AZ and go east on I-40, or, use I-15 to get to I-80 across Wyoming and through the Chicago area to Baltimore. You'll also find these to be LESS geographically exciting than was your route through Colorado, if that's what you want. All (including the direct route across Colorado on I-70) are just under 2500 miles and 3 days driving.

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    Default Interstate 40

    Is very scenic between Kingman and Oklahoma City. You will also run into a lot of the old Route 66 going this way.


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    Randy Guest

    Default Non-scary route

    I love Colorado, but I understand how you feel. For a drive
    that will not make your palms sweat, and your stomach churn,
    you can take I-40 all the way to Knoxville, TN, then take 81
    north to Maryland. Or, if you prefer a more northerly route,
    take I-40 to Oklahoma City, then I-44 to St. Louis. From St.
    Louis there are many different routes you can take to Baltimore.

    The land between Kingman,AZ and Amarillo,TX is
    scenic and not very scary. The only part I can think that would be a little hairy is between Williams and Flagstaff,AZ. But it's not that bad. Not like Colorado anyway. The land between Amarillo and Oklahoma City is flat.
    Between Oklahoma City and St. Louis there are some hills, but nothing major. Randy.

  5. Default Flat!

    Randy, you must mean between Ash Fork and Williams, rather than Williams and Flagstaff -- I-40 btw Williams and Flag is actually pretty flat until you get closer to Flagstaff, then it climbs a little bit as it approaches the town. It is a very pretty stretch. West of Williams, the road climbs around the base of Bill Williams Mountain and it's got a fair grade for a short distance, but as you say, it isn't too bad. Bob

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