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    Default road trip from San Jose, CA to Dallas,TX

    I was planning on a road trip from San Jose, CA to Dallas, TX during the first or second week of July. I wanted to know how feseable it is to drive in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas during these hot summer days.

    Please advise.


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    Default We live in those places

    Does your vehicle have air conditioning? If so, and you remember to carry extra water -- no problems.

    On the other hand, it is really important to take it seriously. The other day, I assisted a young motorist who was crossing the Mojave Desert with no water in his car and he broke down after hitting a traffic cone.


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    As Mark says, you need to take it seriously. Millions of us live and work in the hot desert areas of the country -- and drive the highways every day. What you should keep in mind is that just a short distance OFF the highway you can get in serious trouble very quickly, if you are not knowledgeable and PREPARED. Disoriented and unprepared travelers have died almost within sight of well-traveled highways. So pay attention to what you're doing and think (ahead) about the what-ifs and you'll do fine. Bob

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