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    Three friends and I are looking to plan a short trip that starts in MA and loops through several laces in the northeast and central east coast and we need suggestions of places to visit. We really want to spend some days at the beach, hopefully in small beach towns like mystic. We are willing to go as far south as the very tip of VA and we want to go through New york (far west like rochester cause thats where were going to college next year!!) and maybe loop through maine. Thanks!

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    Well, that gives you a wide berth of possible places to visit. What part of MA are you starting out from (Fitchburg keeps coming to mind; I don't know why)? How much time do you have? When you say tip of VA, do you mean the Southwestern corner? And, finally, what is your idea of "short trip"? Worcester, MA to Rochester, NY is about 350 miles, ~7 hours, provided I-90 doesn't get shut down like it did last week.

    For beaches, you might want to try Rhode Island, places like Misquamicut and Watch Hill, though if you're not swimmers (mmm! salt-water mouth!), then the beaches in Maine can be very relaxing (though the water can be quite cold). Personally, nothing beats a Maine lobster!

    Since you're going to Rochester to college, I can understand the desire to travel there. The thing is, you'll no doubt have many opportunities to explore the area while you're there (and to study maps during those frequent lake-effect snows)!

    So, I would make a loop instead: Starting in coastal Maine, going to the beaches, etc. Travel West across NH & VT, into upstate NY, traverse the Adirondacks. Head South along the Hudson River, and if you're brave, heading into NY City (an incredible town). Back into CT, along the coast if you wish (though traffic near NYC can be a bear - listen to radio traffic reports often!) and through RI into MA. Finish up with a trip to Cape Cod and/or into Boston (another great town). If you get onto Cape Cod early in the day, traffic isn't too bad, and I have always found the beaches to be good to lay on and good to swim at.

    I know this is pretty general, but hopefully it will give you a start. Just study the atlas and try to find something that seems interesting to you. You'll have a good time, enjoy!

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