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    Hey..road trip virgin so bear with me...
    Planning two trips...north and south. Thought that we could fly to texas from VA and drive to Lousiana and fly or drive up. Have work in VA for two days and then Fly to chicago and drive to denver, saltlake city and thereabouts.
    Is this feasible and how long will this take?

  2. Default 2 days each

    The driving on each leg is about 2 days worth. You didn't say WHERE in TX, so I figured from Dallas. If your choice is Houston, or some other place, the times will be slightly different -- Texas is a BIG state. Stops and any driving to attractions and sights will be extra.

    If you are renting a car one-way, remember there will be one-way drop charges, so if you can, you can save considerably by making the drive a round trip and drop the car back where you rented it.

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