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    Default Road Trip with my Dog

    I'm getting out of the desert of Palm Springs for August and traveling back to my old stomping grounds in Seattle. I will be caravaning with multiple cars on the way up on I-5, but will be returning as a solo car. I would like a leisurely trip on the return leg and no interstates!!!

    What are the 'rules' regarding dogs in National Parks? I will be staying at a 'pet friendly' hotel in Seattle and am aware of several motel chains which accept dogs, but am concerned about the sight-seeing aspects of traveling with a dog.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I'll give you the general rule below but it does vary a bit so you would need to check with the national parks you're planning on going to if they have any variables.

    Generally, dogs must be on a leash and can only be in developed areas (parking lots, paved trails, outside of public buildings like visitor centers). Dogs may not enter buildings unless they are a guide dog. Dogs may not go on trails (even if leashed).

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