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Thread: Denver to Vegas

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    Default Denver to Vegas

    Hi there. Two east coasters need some advice on driving from Denver to Las Vegas. We will be leaving Denver in the AM...driving and exploring all that day, spend the night on the road somewhere...and then arriving in Vegas the next day. On the map it looks like 70 West to 15 South is the most direct route. We're looking for a scenic route...possibly one that takes us through the Grand Canyon. Any suggestions for a route for us, including stops, considering our timeframe? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!

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    Default What time in Las Vegas?


    There is no way you can slide in the Grand Canyon between Denver and Las Vegas and get there the next day. There are several scenic route options between Denver and Las Vegas -- but what time do you want to reach Las Vegas?

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    imported_Lisa Guest

    Default scenic route....

    Hi Mark,

    That's unfortunate! We can arrive in Vegas any time the next day. Late afternoon would be preferable. Any suggestions for a scenic route would be most well as a good stopping point along the way to stay for the night.


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    Kristen/Lisa Guest

    Default ghost town?

    HI...I'm Kristen, traveling with Lisa...she must have forgotten about me :(
    Is there a ghost town somewhere along the way? I like ghosts.

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    Kristen/Lisa Guest


    Is there some way we could take Route 66 for a bit, or no?

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    Default Are you planning on using maps?

    Kristen & Lisa,

    Route 66 follows a diagonal from Santa Monica to Chicago. If you were to go to the Grand Canyon you would be on a portion of Route 66, (but such a side trip will add an easy 10 extra hours of driving to your trip). There are some really excellent guides and information available on this site about <a href = "">Route 66<a/>.

    Ghost Towns. The Rockies are loaded with them, it would be hard to travel from Denver to Las Vegas without driving past at least 200 of them. Ghost Town <a href = "">lore can be found here<a/>.

    Scenic Routes. <a href = "">Million Dollar Highway<a/> is pretty incredible, so is I-70 through the Canyons with side trips to Arches NP, & Canyonlands NP. However, if you drive by the fastest route (I-70 to I-15) it will still require most of two days of driving. So, how much driving do you want to do?

    A suggestion: Take I-70 to I-15 and stay over-night at Cedar City. The next morning drive by Cedar Breaks on route 14, cut south on US-89 to Route 9 and go through Zion NP. Spend 4-5 hours exploring Zion and then drive to Las Vegas (3-4 hours)

    Have fun!


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    imported_Lisa Guest


    That sounds perfect! We can then follow Rt 9 back to I-15 and on down to Vegas. Thank you so much Mark. We spent hours at Barnes and Nobles last night pouring over maps and road trip books to no avail. You've been a great help.

    Kristen & Lisa

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    Mara Guest

    Default driving from Las Vegas to Denver

    Whatis the highway like? Steep and scary? I will be driving a small sedan and hauling a Hertz rental to start college.

  9. Default I-15 and I-70

    Are you asking about the direct route between the two cities? If you take I-15 to I-70, these are interstate highways the whole way -- you won't have any problem on them. The grades are fairly easy, and the roadways are wide. Bob

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    Default Another Option

    Route I-70 and I-15 is a total of 750 miles and is the quickest way.

    Making the first night stop at Cedar City means you have to drive 580 miles that first day. That's a LONG day! Taking 14, 89 and 9 adds 100 miles to your trip. My route below only adds 58 and you will see so much more!

    I-70 thought Colorado is a beautiful drive. A few miles past Green River, Utah take Hwy 24 south past Hanksville, Captiol Reef National Park and spend the night in Torrey, Utah just a few miles past Capitol Reef. Denver to Torrey is 449 miles. There are plenty of new motels in Torrey.

    The next morning take scenic highway 12 over the Boulder Mountains, then the hogs back and thought some really beautiful slick rock scenery. You will pass by Bryce Canyon National Park and there is a turn out so you can get a glimps of the park without going into the park. Stay on Hwy 12 thought the Red Canyon and then take Hwy 89 down to Mt. Carmel Junction. Here you will take Hwy 9 thought Zion National Park. If you have time, I highly recommend taking the free shuttle buses into the canyon area. From Zion it's about 3hours to Las Vegas. Torrey to Las Vegas is 359 miles.

    To bad you don't have another day or two. There's a lot to see!


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