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    Mel and Nick Guest

    Default California and Vegas in 25 days

    Hi there,

    We are landing in LA in July and have 25 days to drive around before flying back out of LA. We want to cover sights such as Grand Canyon, Vegas, Yosemite and San Francisco. Any other worthwhile spots along the way? Any tips on ensuring this is a cool trip would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Mel and Nick

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    imported_UK Guest


    Mel and Nick,

    There are absolutely masses of 'worthwhile spots along the way' and in 25 days you can get to see most of them. I've listed the routes I've done on this page :-

    Check that out for some ideas about where to drive and what to see.


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    Mel and Nick Guest

    Default Thanks

    Thanks UK, really helpful. Much appreciated!!

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