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    imported_Jonathan Guest

    Default best route/not to be missed stuff?

    So myself and a friend think we will drive from the Nelson area of BC (southeast, above eastern WA and Idaho), down to northwestern NV (yup, to Burning Man nw of Reno in Black Rock Desert).

    We had thought of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and the lava fields of Oregon all as possible "ways to go."

    *I made a mistake in my thread title, we really only have 3-4 days MAX to go from (se) BC to (nw) NV.*

    Suggestions on routes, attractions not to be missed are welcome (e.g. I have heard Yellowstone is beautiful but would we have time? Ditto western Montana.)

    We also do not have a vehicle yet and aren't sure if we should buy, rent something (I plan to keep heading south to SF/CA after BMan in NV), or try an auto driveaway (will we get enough miles & time?). Suggestions also welcome as we are not sure what we'd do w/ a car once in California, would probably have to attempt selling it and I know they have tough emissions standards.



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    imported_Jonathan Guest

    Default maybe a week after all

    Trip's still in early planning stages.

    IF we hit Shambhala music fest. in Nelson area (se BC), ending Aug. 15, we have 3-4 days to get to Gerlach area, nw NV.

    If we skip Shambhala or leave early, we might have 5-7 or even 8 days, which would be *tons*.

    thanks again, please enlighten!


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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Driveaways

    I think the driveaway companies usually limit the miles you can drive to a fairly direct route between the start and end points -- so I doubt you will be able to use them in this case. Bob

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