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    we have a new(to us) car , a porsche, we'd like to take a trip in on mem wkd from s.e. ct but we don't want to just sit in traffic. any suggestions? is there traffic everywhere in new eng that weekend?

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    Default Hmmm...

    There are a couple of ways of dealing with New England traffic. Traffic will be located where most of the people wish to go. The solution, therefore, is to wish to go somewhere else! ;-)

    Grab your atlas and look at where the population is less dense. Some locations are: CTs "quiet corner" (the NE part of the state), the NW part of the state, the Berkshires in MA, most of VT and Northern NH.

    You could take a trip up to <a href="">Lime Rock Park</a> in Lakeville, CT for the races (especially Saturday and Monday). I'm going there on Monday.

    If you stay off major Interstates and major routes (US 1, 20, 44, etc), you shouldn't have a problem. The coastal areas will probably be congested. Sports cars are more fun when driven on windy country roads anyway!

    There are some very fine rides in CT, old growth hardwoods lining the road and farm houses in the distance. Just be sure you're able to follow unfamiliar roads on the atlas, as the CT highway department seems to forget to put North, South, East and West on its route signs on a fairly regular basis!

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    Default Surviving Holiday RoadTrips!

    Traffic is just part of the equation for Memorial Day -- even with the high fuel prices. We have some tips for making even the most <a href = "">crazy traffic fun<a/>.

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