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    Default Moving From NJ to Los Angeles


    I'm a 21 year old male. I want to drive to LA via my 4cyl. '93 Ford Mustang. I'm thinking of joining AAA just incase. In your opinion will I be able to find a place to stay somewhere in LA easily? I've flown to LA twice and stayed at a Hostel. I guess I can stay there for a few days til I find someone to room with or something. It may seem crazy but I love LA too much and if i'm gonna live a happy live I will have to go live there. What will be my estimated cost? I figured around $250-300 for gas, but I have no idea how many hotels/motels I'm going to have to stay at for $30-40 a night. I'll check out Super 8 motels and sign up for the rewards program. Food isn't a problem I'll go to supermarkets and makes sandwiches :)and occasionally eat at a fast food place. I'll make a few stops in a major city like in Texas or St. Louis and the Grand Canyon if I can but thats not a bid deal. I just I want to get to LA asap so hopefully it won't take more than 3-5 days. This will be my first time so if anyone can offer any opinions I will really appreciate it..thanks : )

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default 4 days, 3nights

    You should be able to do this in 4 days of driving, with 3 nights on the road. Gas is over $2 per gallon most places -- and you'll likely find it more expensive along the highways, especially in the west. Others will have to answer your LA questions!

    If you want to save some additional money, get an inexpensive 2 person tent ($20 to $50) and take your sleeping bag -- you can find places to camp along the way and it only takes a few minutes to set-up.

    Have a great trip! Bob


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