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    Valerie Vaughn Guest

    Default Hotels along the way- help!

    Hi everyone!

    I am needing cheap but decent places to stay at the stops along the way....These stops are as follows

    -Grand Canyon
    -Bryce Canyon
    -Zion National Park
    -Capital Reef
    -Salt Lake City
    -Grand Teton

    --Possibly Glacier National Park


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    Kenny G Guest

    Default Capital Reef Stays

    There is a brand spanking new Holiday Inn Express outside the gates of Capital reef in Torrey, Utah. It is so new it wasnt listed a few weeks ago when we went.
    Also, if you are going to Arches NP or something up that way, Green River is a much cheaper place to stay then Moab. $40 vs $100 for nice new hotels.

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    Camp...there's nothing cheaper and it's more fun. Especially in the types of areas you're going to. Just throw in sleeping bags, pillows, sleeping pads and a tent. If you dont' want to bother, you can still eat meals out (or cold stuff out of a cooler) and put the money you've saved into nicer restaurant meals once in awhile.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Grand Canyon

    You can always find cheap accommodations in Flagstaff -- about 75 or 80 miles south of the Grand Canyon -- however, with gasoline prices the way they are, you might not save any money staying there (because of the backtracking involved -- you'd be spending an extra 150 miles worth of gasoline money which might be more than any savings on accommodations you'd realize. Unless, you plan for it by leaving Phoenix late on an afternoon, stay overnight in Flagstaff, then see the Canyon the next day, going on to Page for that night. Sometimes you can find inexpensive acommodations in Page. I stayed in a place called "Bashful Bob's" a few years ago (no relation...), very spartan but friendly, clean and comfortable. Don't know if they are still open or not.

    If you'd rather spend an entire day at the Canyon, and don't want to cut your visiting time by traveling 1.5 hours at each end of the day (and backtracking to go back to Flagstaff), then I'd recommend spending a little extra cash and stay at the South Rim Village or in one of the outside-the-park hotels in Tusayan. Bob

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