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    Steve Slejko Guest

    Default Dallas to LA and Back

    Planning a 2-3 week family trip out west from Dallas to visit friends in June. Looking at a map, seems northern NM's Taos/Santa Fe area and Grand Canyon are prime spots to spend a few days each along the way. Also see Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Meteor Crater and several Indian resevations as possible stopping points on drive days.

    Any specific recommendations?


    -- Steve

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Yes

    Travel light, drive smooth and steady, eat all you want... :)

    OK, OK, what kind of information are you looking for, and we'll try to give you some assistance.

    For starters, be sure to go up into the mountains above Taos -- up around Eagle Nest and Angel Fire, etc. Very beautiful up there. Very different from ANYTHING you've seen in Texas (I'm not knocking Texas, it's just a different KIND of beauty, you understand).

    You might also include Chaco Canyon (NM), Canyon de Chelly and/or Mesa Verde National Park. If you can only do one of those, I'd see Canyon de Chelly, be sure to take the guided tour of the Canyon (see the staff at Thunderbird Lodge for information, and ask for George to be your guide if he's still doing the tours.) Do both arms of the canyon if you can (Canyon de Chelly and Canyon del Muerto). You'll eat some dust, but it's worth a day (it's an all-day thing to do both sides). You'll need a hat to protect from the sun, a long-sleeved shirt and sunscreen. It's worth the cost of the ticket just to see George slice watermelon with his machete!

    Also, if you are interested in the history of the Indian Reservations and the "trading post" system, the historic Hubbel Trading Post near Ganado, AZ is worth a look.

    Once you get to Arizona, you may visit Sedona -- most folks do -- if you get to that area, be sure to check out the town of Jerome just a few miles away. It's an old mining town clinging to the side of Cleopatra Hill on Mingus Mountain. Kind of a "hippie" artists's community these days -- if you ever wondered what happened to those folks, this is where some of them went. Plug Jerome into the search function on this site and you'll come up with some specific suggestions for a visit there. Bob

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