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    Catherine Nickle Guest

    Default San Antonio, Tx to Ely, MN

    Any suggestions about interesting places to see along the way? I'm traveling with a 14 yr old, a 12 yr old, a 9 yr old and a 6 year old.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Check out the state tourism sites

    I looked at Oklahoma, for example -- they allow you to narrow your interests for the area or route you'd be traveling (I-35, for example) and you'll come up with lists of attractions and activities you can tailor to yours and your kids' interests -- there's old west and native American things, museums of differing types (there's a railroad museum at OKC that I'D stop at, for sure), also the Orr Family Horse Ranch (also OKC). You can do the same for the other states along the way. In Kansas, one suggestion would be a tour of the Cessna aircraft factory if your kids have any interest in aviation. Just plug in "Oklahoma tourism" or Kansas, Iowa, etc, and you can find these state sites fairly easily -- and they'll usually have lots of information for you. You can even get FREE state maps from most of them! FREE! What could be better!

    Some side trips (a bit off-route) could get you to other attractions like the Amana Colonies (Iowa), the Eisenhower Library and gravesite at Abilene (KS), Harry Truman's home in Independence, or Herbert Hoover's home near Iowa City. Bob

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