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    Default Rhode Island or bust!

    Will be traveling from OK to RI in July, looking for places to stay and good eats for the belly, also will be traveling with 2 kids, ages 2 and 4, not wanting to hit the big cities on our way east.. any suggestions out there?? Newport is our final destination. Thanks, Shirley

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    Default Hey Me too

    My friend and i are going to Rhode Island in July also. We are going to Middletown which is right by Newport. Maybe we'll see each other. No tips for you but i would love to chat maybe we could help each other

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    Default Oklahoma to Rhode Island - No Bust

    Welcome back aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The direct route to Rhode Island is 1645 miles and takes you through St Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, and New York (ugh!) By adding 170 miles (About 10%) to your trip, you can avoid all those as well as make the trip a bit more scenic. Here's how it goes. Start out on I-40 across Oklahoma and Arkansas, but just before you cross the Mississippi River into Memphis head north on I-55. Then just after you enter Missouri, take I-155, US-51 and US-45 up through the northwestern corner of Tennessee to Kentucky. Kentucky has a unique system of Parkways, which you'll be using: The Purchase Parkway, I-24, the Western Kentucky Parkway and the Blue Grass Parkway will bring you to Lexington where you'll pick up I-64 to Charleston, WV. Then I-79, I-68, I-81 and I-78 (all scenic roads through the Appalachians) will take you through West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania to Allentown-Bethlehem, PA. A short connection north on PA-33 and then US-209 through the Delaware Water Gap puts you on I-84 which will carry you well to the north around New York City. Just after Waterbury, CT I-691, CT-66 and CT-9 will take you back to I-95 for the final run into Rhode Island.

    I know that sounds a bit complicated, but have a look at it on a map and see if it looks better to you than the direct route (and worth the extra miles). Whichever way you decide to go, let me know and I can offer some tips on things to do along your preferred route.

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