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    Vinny Guest

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    Does anyone know how well a power inverter will work in an RV for a cross country trip. I don't want to run the generator the whole time.


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    imported_Mark Helmlinger Guest

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    Cross country travel power advice:

    Most RV parks have AC hookups. You will only need to use an inverter (or generator) in Wal Mart parking lots or if you are "dry camping". In those cases, you will always need to run the generator for heavy loads such as heating applilances, AirCon, microwaves, and blow dryers.

    You can buy the inverter at Wal Mart, Target, K-Mart, Pep Boys, Kragen, etc. Same quality as anywhere else (they're all made in China). WallyWorld has the the best price. Several sizes available. Buy the greatest wattage you can affford. Remember, Watts = Volts X Amps, so for example a 100W load on the 110VAC side of the inverter will mean you will be drawing a little more than (100W/12V) = 8.3Amps from your battery. Accounting for the inverter inefficiency & idle current add an amp & round up. So, to be conservative, in this example to run a 100W bulb, expect a 10A draw on the battery.

    Figure out what your typical load or even max load will be and connect the inverter to your battery with heavy enough wire to handle the current. Some inverters have an undervolt feature that will be activated if too light a wire is used or the battery it is connected to is low on charge or just plain old. Cig lighter connectors are only good for 15A or so and tend to pull out, so keep that in mind as well. Also it is a good idea to use an inverter on a deep-cycle battery only and one that you don't care if it goes dead at that. (You don't want to need a jumpstart on your rig next morning just for watching TV all night!). In other words, be aware of how the batteries in your rig are managed.

    - hellwinger

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