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    66 Baylee Guest

    Default Las Vegas to Arizona

    We have a trip planned for Las Vegas to Grand Canyon in September. Would like to see as much as possible in 8 days. Spending 2 days at Grand Canyon. What are some "must see scenic areas" other than Grand Canyon in Arizona's North area? We have 4 days from the time we leave Las Vegas until we check-in at the hotel in Grand Canyon so would like to see some of the best in Northern Arizona in that timeframe.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Some ideas

    1. River sports at Bullhead City or Lake Havasu
    2. Drive from Peach Springs to the Colorado River on the Hualapai Reservation (Diamnod Creek Rd)
    3. Hike the loop trail on top of Hualapai Mountains at Kingman (Hualapai Mountain Park)
    4. Ride the Grand Canyon Railroad
    5. Hike to Supai, "Shangri-La" in the Grand Canyon (reservations required). Waterfalls and cold water swimming.
    6. Lowell Observatory at Flagstaff
    7. Walnut Canyon (Indian ruins)
    8. Wupatki Natl Mon.
    9. Sunset Crater Natl Mon.
    10. Meteor Crater Natl Mon.
    11. Cameron Trading Post
    12. Oak Creek Canyon (camping, fishing and hiking)
    13. Jerome (old mining town)
    14. Petrified Forest Natl Mon.
    15. Hubbell Trading Post at Ganado
    16. Canyon de Chelly
    17. Navajo National Monument
    18. Lake Powell
    19. North Rim, GC
    20. Lee's Ferry Natl Historic Site
    21. Pipe Springs Natl Mon.
    22. Hopi Villages/Old Oraibi (oldest continuously inhabited settlement on the North Anerican continent)
    23. Summer aerial ski-lift rides at the Arizona Snow Bowl (north of Flagstaff)
    24. Planes of Fame Museum Annex at Valle (jct of US180 and SR64)
    25. Verde Canyon Railroad at Camp Verde/Clarkdale
    26. Arcosanti (a live experiment in sustainable/environmental living as envisioned by Paolo Soleri, architect/philosopher)
    27. The Museum of Northern AZ (Flagstaff).
    28. Flagstaff Festival in the Pines (summer arts/music festival)
    29. Sharlott Hall Museum at Prescott
    30. Phipps Museum of Western Art (Prescott).
    31. Drive old Rt66 between Ash Fork and Oatman.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default And

    Schnebley Hill Road from Sedona to I-17 -- dirt road -- goes right up the face of the canyon. It begins where SR179 turns across Oak Creek just below Tlaquepaque, at the east end of the bridge. Very scenic.

    This is a don't miss and can be done in a passenger car.

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    Default I would suggest

    I would consider doing a circle. Grand Canyon, Lake Powell at Page, AZ, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park before heading back to Las Vegas.

    If this is a one way trip, then do Las Vegas, Zion, Bryce, Lake Powell and Grand Canyon.

    These will take up all your time and they are the BIGGIES in the area.


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    Default 8 days circuit from Las Vegas

    I'm looking for advice about the following possible trip:
    Start/End Las Vegas:
    I15 to Zion
    Alt89 North Rim
    Glen Canyon Dam
    89 to Bryce
    12 to Hanksville
    95 to Natural Arches
    163 through Monument Valley
    160 back out to Four Corners
    191 to Chelly
    191 to Painted Desert
    Petrified Forest
    I40 to Sunset crater
    89 to Cameron
    64 to Grand Canyon Village
    back out to I40 up to Hoover Dam
    178 to Death Valley
    back to Vegas via 95

    my question for you who know the area is:
    Are we trying to do too much in 8 days!
    (I can guess the answer, however I'd be grateful for any advice on how to maximise the amount we can see given that this is going to be during August and we don't want to be stuck in traffic or vast numbers of people.)
    Are there any areas to AVOID during the high season without missing highlights??

    many thanks in advance for your advice.

    chris jackson
    (ps anyone fancying a road trip to the UK let me know, I'm a cartographer and know the roads over here pretty well)

  6. Default Too much!

    Yes, you are trying to do too much -- but it can be done. It'll be lots of driving -- I figure the route you suggest is about 1900 miles -- and about 38 hours+ of driving time.

    Figuring a MINIMAL 4 hours in each major stop, and lesser amounts in smaller ones (Sunset Crater, for example), you can do this in 6 days. This leaves you two days to play with. Personally, I'd suggest spending at least part of it (the extra) taking a Navajo-led tour at Canyon de Chelly. keep in mind that 4 hours isn't much time in most of these magnificent places, and you'll want to spend more.

    The biggest crowds will be at the South Rim GC, and at Zion/Bryce, I believe. But they are manageable -- nothing as crowded as you'd find at Westminster Abbey even on a winter morning! Despite the numbers of people, they are worth seeing -- just get reservations for your lodging ahead of time (if you can) at these two places.

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