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    Mary Streeter Guest

    Default Looking for Safety Tips

    My husband and I along with another couple are planning a roadtrip mid August for 10 days. We are leaving Chicago and picking them up in Minnesota from there Las Vegas,San diego,Tijuana,San Francisco(up hwy 1)and then heading back to Minnesota.
    This being our first roadtrip of this size and hearing some bad stories and maybe too many "horror films" I will have to say I am a liitle concerned with safety.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default What, me worry!

    What in particular is your worry? I've been driving the roads in the USA for over 30 years without trouble other than an occasional breakdown. I have had a "dangerous" incident on only ONE occasion -- robbed at gunpoint in a truck stop in Black River Falls, WI in 1978. That could have happened anywhere, including my own neighborhood in Phoenix.

    Use common sense, just as you would at home, and take the tools you need so you are not as vulnerable to predators -- a cell phone, CB radio, emergency kit, spare tire and jack/tools, etc. Be vigilant and careful -- but you'll find that 99% of the people you meet are just like the ones around your neighborhood at home. None of us are perfectly safe anywhere -- but neither are we in much danger, either. Just my opinion. Bob

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    Default More of the same

    I have driven thousands of roadtripping miles in all sections of the country and I can't report even one truly scary situation, (exept maybe for a close encouter with some kids up to no good in the bronx one night)!

    USA is probably about the safest country you can find for vacationing in, more information about this topic can be found in today's PARADE Magazine -- pg. 8-10...


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    kristy Guest

    Default safety

    Stay aware of your surroundings and you should be fine. Myself as well as many others who have posted on this forum are independent females who have traveled 1000's of miles across the US by ourselves. Dont worry so much and enjoy your trip!!!

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    imported_Robert Guest

    Default safety

    I would not worry so much about the safety factor as i would deciding what you wanted to see in the places you talked about. However, I WOULD NOT drive in Tijuana. I would take a bus from the U.S. and see the sights there. How much time do you have? I ask because the drive up Highway 1 will take some time. Give us an idea of what you're looking to see. Maybe we can give you some hints.

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    Randy Guest

    Default hwy 1

    A helpful hint:
    I have driven the PCH (HWY 1) in Cali.
    many times, and I would calculate your drive time on it
    at aroud 35 MPH. There are many stop lights along the
    PCH not to mention the twists and turns and slower speeds
    through populated areas. Although it is slower than
    taking the "5", it is the funnest, most beautiful drive
    I have ever taken. Happy Travels,

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