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    plum Guest

    Default New Jersey to Canada

    hi, 2 of my friends and i(all guys) are thinking about taking a road trip this summer from New Jersey to Canada, maybe Nova or something. If you guys have done this and woudnt mind throwing out some ideas, whether or not you enjoyed this trip and places we definately should visit or avoid please give me the heads up. We are also game for anything whether it be beaches, scenic routes, hiking trails, etc. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
    Feel free to email me as well.

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    imported_Bob Guest

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    No matter where you go in that direction, you're going to find great things to see and do. Keep checking back, as some of the posters here will likely see and respond to your post and we do have some that are knowledgeable about that area. The only thing I can say is I had a neighbor that always recommended Mystic Seaport (Connecticut) -- although that is close enough to you that you may already have seen it? Anyway, he always said it was a great place to visit. Bob

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    plum Guest


    thanks bob, i actually havent been or heard of mystic seaport before but i will look into it now that you have mentioned it. thanks!

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    any other ideas?

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    Valerie Vaughn Guest


    I recommend in New Hampshire going through the White Mountians (Kangamangus Highway.) Very scenic if ya like that kinda thing....water holes for swimming at one pull off. And of course there is also Mount Washington.

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