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    lfcfan Guest

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    Hi. Myself and 7 others are hiring 2 full sized cars and driving from Baltimore, MD to Orlando, FL. We're hoping to leave around 16:00 on a Friday and arrive in Orlando around 11pm on the Saturday night. First of all, is this doable and second, can anyone give us any advice on this trip? We plan to just take i-95 where possible as we need to get there quickly. Thanks!

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    imported_Bob Guest

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    This is only about 13 hours driving time, traffic and road construction permitting. If you intend to drive straight through, it's possible to be in Orlando on Saturday morning sometime (without stops of any kind except gas you'd be there by 5:30 or 6:00 AM). If you stop for the night somewhere, you could still be there by mid-afternoon on Saturday. Bob

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