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    Keyla Guest

    Default Road Trip Dilemma

    Sometime over the summer, my husband and I are planning a trip to Vegas. I would like to consider driving, simply because I haven't had the opportunity to see much of the Southwest. Since we aren't gamblers, time really isn't of the essence. Also, we were considering a bus tour to the Grand Canyon, but if we drive, we then save the $300 associated with a bus tour.

    Anyway, have any of you driven from Indiana to Vegas or Arizona? If so, how was it? Would you recommend the drive, and if so which route?

    By the way, my husband thinks I'm nuts.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Your husband...

    Is he a "get on the airplane and get there NOW" kind of guy? If he does relent and reluctantly comes along, will you be able to stand being around him for several days of driving in the car? Or is he good natured (and flexible) enough to help you enjoy your adventure?

    Indianapolis to Las Vegas is about 3 days of driving -- first night is in western MO, maybe Rolla or Springfield, second night Amarillo or Tucumcari. Third day Phoenix or Las Vegas (long day). Or, you could make Flagstaff your third night and see the Grand Canyon the next day before driving on to Las Vegas. Anyway, this is the path of old Route 66, so yes, you'll enjoy it! Watch along the way for interesting stops and sights -- there's almost 100 years worth!

    Whatever, once you're finished with your sightseeing and painting Las Vegas red, try heading back home on I-15 and I-70 instead, for a little variety! It's about the same driving time and the scenery is altogether different.

    There's lots to do besides gamble in Las Vegas -- check out for some information and ideas! Bob

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    Randy Guest

    Default Lots to see

    Dear Keyla,
    My son and I made a trip from central Oklahoma
    to Disneyland and back in my truck in ten days. We could
    have made it in eight days if we drove more each day, but
    we made plenty of stops to see the sights. Our trip included the Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. My son,(Nine years old)
    fell in love with L.V.,as did I. Obviously with a child,
    there was no gambling or alchohol involved. We walked up
    and down "The Strip" and had the time of our lives. From
    where you are there would be so much to see on a road trip
    to Vegas including the beautiful Palo Duro Canyon, south
    of Amarillo, Tx., The famous Blue Swallow Motel and Route
    66 Monument in Tucumcari, NM, the Petrified Forest and
    Grand Canyon National Parks in Arizona, the meteor crater,
    and don't forget to "Stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona".
    Also, the most beautiful thing to see in Las Vegas is the
    "The Fountains of Bellagio". They are breathtaking. We had
    the time of our lives in Vegas and only spent one-hundred,
    and thirty dollars, hotel, food, souvinirs and all! I would
    suggest leaving Indiana down through Tulsa to Interstate 40
    then west through New Mexico and AZ. Don't forget that it will be quite warm in the summer. When we were at the Grand
    Canyon, I wanted to stay forever. It was hard to leave.Our
    roadtrip across the west was something we will never forget,
    and I will never fly again. Period. Go for it!
    Happy Travels.

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