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    Vin Guest

    Default Long Island, NY to Rocky Mountains?

    Hi All! I was hoping to take a road trip, by myself, from Long Island, NY to at least the Rocky Mountains. I would at least like to make it to the Dakotas before I have to turn back. I can take 7 to 14 days from work (Saving one week for another time) Can any experienced travelers advise if I have time to see some sights or will it be all driving? I wanted to make it to the Pacific ocean, but I am not sure if that is feasable in only two weeks. I would love to hear from all you road trippers with suggested stops and advice! Thanks!

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Black Hills, Montana and Portland

    You could make it to the Pacific west of Portland, Oregon, seeing the Black Hills and a few other attractions along the way -- in about 12 days (97+ hours driving time).

    This is driving about 8 hours per day -- say, 8:00 to 4:00. In summer, this leaves you some time each day for stops and sights. Add one extra driving day, and you could also see San Francisco.

    Myself, if I wanted this to be a more relaxing trip, I'd probably make the Black Hills the western end and explore that area instead, or maybe add Yellowstone/Grand Teton, and return from there. Another (and closer) option would be to explore the Great Lakes region -- just a suggestion -- you may already be "set" on the west. Bob

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    Vin Guest


    Thanks, Bob. I may take your suggestion and check out Grand Tetons, or Black Hills / Bad Lands and relax a bit more. As long as I can get out and mingle with my fellow Americans!

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    Default Trip Idea

    A trip across sections of I-80 and I-90, bringing you through the Poconos, Cleveland, Chicago, The Wisconsin Dells, Pipestone (in Minnesota), Badlands National Park and the Black Hills would be a beautiful and relaxing two week roadtrip. You'll see plenty, and drive through the "flyover states", the ones you'd otherwise never get to see.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default Welcome "Home"


    It has been too long since we have heard from you. Glad to see you back on the forum!


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