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    Default First time cross country

    My wife and I are planning a SC to Oregon trip this summer by way of Minnesota, Yellowstone, Montana, Canada and return via California, Las Vegas and southern route. We would like to avoid interstates as much as possible and take scenic routes. Any help from those who've made similar trips would be greatly appreciated. Give details about do"s and don"t's .
    Thanks much

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    How much time do you have for this trip? What kind of things do you like to see and so? Some interestates are actually quite gorgeous and go through great scenery so you don't have to avoid interstates to take a scenic. I-94, I-90, I-80, I-70, and I-40 all traverse some tremendous countryside. Small side trips off of them take you to even more sights but you can see most of them a hop and a skip from the interstate. I-10 has more barren stretches but also some terrific sites as well.

    If you have the time, go ahead and avoid the interstates. But, unless you have ample time, using the interstates will not ruin your trip.

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    guru Guest

    Default denver to niagara falls to new york

    I am travelling from san diego to new york and had our trip planned till denver. Can anyone please help me out on scenic drive and good places to stay from denver to niagara falls?


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    Shari Guest

    Default Cross country with two dogs

    I want to go to New England from California. I will be traveling with only my two dogs. Going the northern route, what kind of dog-friendly sights are there? Any suggestions?

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    Default Dog-Friendly

    These are handy websites for dog-friendly accomodations and activities: and

    Hope this helps! Enjoy your trip.

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    Earl K Guest


    Hello from a retired Verizon worker. My wife and I took 3 grand children on a 28 day trip to 26 states and saw many of the sites you talked about. You will need to use the interstates to make time. We started and ended our trip in Maryland. We did some camping along the way. I have a Streets and Trips map of our trip if it would help. E mail me.


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    I recommend a stop in Bozeman, Montana. It's a great college town with a lot going on -- a great downtown and some fun nightlife. But it's also just outside Yellowstone and within reach of some beautiful outdoor spots. There is a terrific hostel in Bozeman -- it was $12 a night a few years ago.

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    Randy Guest

    Default Different routes

    I agree with Judy. I-40 has some great senery. I like
    I-10 also, but I try to avoid it during the summer months.
    Very hot! Better in March/April. Are you going through California? If so, I would suggest the Pacific Coast Highway 1,
    if you have the time. It's one of the greatest drive's I
    have ever done. Also when in Vegas, don't miss the Fountains
    of Bellagio, and the Hoover Dam. If you take I-40, take a
    little detour in Kingman, Arizona onto Route 66 up through
    the Hualapai Indian Reservation and past the Aubrey Cliffs
    through historic Rt. 66 town Seligman back to I-40. It has
    fantastic senery. Other sites to see along I-40 are the
    magnificent Grand Canyon, and Petrified Forest N.P.'s, and
    Canyon De Chelly N.M.(De Shay). Also in Arizona, Meteor Crater, and don't forget to "stand on a corner in Winslow
    Arizona". Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, New Mexico are great places. Palo Duro Canyon S.P. just south of Amarillo,
    Texas is awesome, and you can easily drive down into the
    canyon! I-70 through Colorado is a great drive any time of the year. Don't forget to detour onto hwy 6 through Loveland
    Pass. If you want real driving adventure, and you have the
    time, drive north from Cortez, Colorado to Ridgeway, and
    back down to Durango. It's spectacular. Don't forget to surf
    the net for info as much as possible before your trip. Happy
    travels! Randy.

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