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    Within a week, I will embark on a very long trip, Houston to LA. I can obtain maps of the trip from and mapquest, but I would like to know the route other people have taken and some pointers to help me out. I will be sleeping in the car when Im not driving so keep that in mind. Also, if the grand canyon isnt too out of the way, I would like to see that as well, otherwise leave it out. Let me know please.

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    Default US64

    I don't know what you mean by "too much out of the way," but here's one option -- take US287 over to US87 and Raton, NM, then US64 across northern New Mexico. West of Shiprock NM, use US160 then US89 to get to Cameron, and enter Grand Canyon National Park from there (on SR64). From the Canyon it is easy to pick up I-40 at Williams AZ to get into CA and Los Angeles. Once into New Mexico and AZ this is a very scenic route, mostly all two-lane. There are many attractions along the route, including a narrow-gauge steam train at Chama, NM, and Navajo National Monument in AZ.

    If the most direct route is all you can do, then it's I-10.
    The difference (estimated) between the two routes is 340 miles and 11 DRIVING hours. If you take I-10, it is 1595 miles and interstate speeds all the way except for any construction areas. The route I suggest is 1900+ miles and slower driving on two-lane roads.

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