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    imported_Lee Guest

    Default Road trip florida to CALIFORNIA over from the uk

    Am from England and am thinking about doing a road trip of the southern states of america next summer is it feesable to get from florida to CALIFORNIA in three weeks? i really have no idea. good places to stop on the way? (we are all 23 so attractions people my age would like) never been to America b4 would be a great experience all advice welcome thanks!

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    Default New Orleans

    I think you would probably enjoy New Orleans -- lots of history, multi-cultural and a big party-town. Also check out the gulf coast beaches near Panama City FL, or perhaps South Padre in Texas. Be sure to visit San Antonio. Also Kartchner Caverns and Tombstone, in Arizona. If you like the theme-park experience, you can't beat the Disney complex near Orlando.

    You should be able to have a pretty good trip with three weeks.

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    imported_Lee Guest


    Thanks will bare these in mind when we do the trip. All good info thanks for that. does anyone know a website that will help me plan a route? Am i right in thinking that route 80 is roughly the road i need to take? like i said dont know much am a limey after all! ;-)
    cheer for the help keep em coming

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    Default Road Trip Planning

    You might check out the road trip planning section of this website. It lists very on-line places to plan trips. Mapquest is one. I don't remember the other's. It also lists some software you can buy to do this as well.

    There's lots of good hints in the articles on this website, too. And there are links to various websites that travelers have done telling about their trips, links to other websites with ideas about places to visit, etc.

    I would suggest exploring everything this website has to offer first and then coming back to this forum with more specific questions once you have things more nailed down.

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    imported_Laura Guest


    I would suggest rather than highway 80 (I'm assuming that's what you mean)for the whole trip to stick with the interstates such as 20 and 10 for your first trip across the South with some side trips on Highways such as 90 and 80. Since you have three weeks and want to get in as much as possible I really think the interstates are faster and a better option. Also highway 80 runs through northern Louisiana and would put you five hours away (if you drive like me) from New Orleans and Cajun country. I really suggest getting seeing the plantations in South Louisiana (not far off I-10). I visited Oak Alley and Laura plantations a couple of years ago and was very impressed and they are only about an hour west of New Orleans.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks guys all your help has been excellent and gratefully recieved.In the uk we have a web lots of free route planning websites that are great do you know any good american route planners dont really wanna buy software

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    Default There are several

    We have provided an over-view of the free online route planning services <a href = "">here</a>.

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    Default Same trip

    Im in the process of planning my trip as well, but in reverse. Im going from LA to Miami in a jeep in June. Take the Southern route (10 or 20) and hit New Orleans (be careful where you park..get SECURE parking), Austin (awesome, God Bless the BUSH FAMILY), some national parks, and VEGAS. End up in Miami and order your price is right tickets online at CBS.COM. Drive Safe.

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